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The energy reduction and renewable market that I embraced almost a decade and a half ago is thriving.  It is no surprise that success has attracted many new investors and contracting companies.  It seems that everywhere I look there is a start-up, roll-up, and/or sales driven competitor who is promising cheaper prices because of their "incredibly high sales volume."  Some of these companies work on dozens of projects simultaneously.  The largest of our competitors are publicly traded and operate internationally.   


Since 2002 I have focused on developing my team to be large enough to have access to manufacturers, their top-notch products, and their training programs.  At the same time I have purposely kept our organization small enough that we are able to take the time to get to know our customers and their individual needs.  This strategy has led to our work being recognized as some of the best in the industry and has converted many first time prospects into repeat customers.  


My measure of success will never be how many projects we are working on or what some investment fund or stock analyst thinks of our strategy.  My sole measurement of success has always been and will always be the long term satisfaction of our customers and the mutually respectful relationships we sustain.


To ensure that nurturing relationships and high value solutions remains our focus, I am personally involved in overseeing all aspect of our company’s day-to-day sales and operations. 


If for any reason you feel that we are not living up to this promise please call our office at (732)-792-0700, tell our customer service specialist, that you are a customer (or potential customer) and ask to speak with me directly.





Dan Lichtman, President & Owner

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