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Absolutely Energized Power Systems provides pro-active maintenance programs and critical repair services for commercial facility infrastructures.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Using sophisticated equipment and testing protocols, the electricians we deploy are not just deployed quickly, but they also solve problems quickly.  Call us when switch gear, transformers, electrical circuits, lighting, or HVAC systems fail.  Before you know it, your critical and non-critical building infrastructure will be back up and running.

Pro-active Maintenance

A pro-active equipment maintenance plan helps ensure that a facility continues to run smoothly and cost-effectively.  It is a natural tendency to think of facility maintenance simply as a way to keep a business running smoothly and financially productively.  However, management often overlooks the impact a professional maintenance plan can have on comfort and safety.  Maintenance is also a common requirement included in manufacturer warranties.       

Pro-active maintenance contributes to maximizing equipment up-time, but maintenance also ensures that equipment will continue to operate optimally and safely.   AE Power Systems can provide standard periodic maintenance services for all of your energy infrastructure.  We can provide a la carte or comprehensive maintenance services, depending on your company's in-house capabilities and capacity.  Modernizing HVAC and lighting controls, updating electrical protective equipment, and solar system maintenance, systems testing, are just a few of the services we provide.

Commissioning, Testing, and Start-up

Sophisticated test equipment, well established procedures, professional technicians, and highly skilled analyses are at the core of our test and start-up services.  We electrically check wiring and test every piece of a system BEFORE anything is energized. This way we can prevent potential equipment damage during startup and operation and make sure that equipment is installed correctly. These testing and commissioning procedures were developed by our staff to compliment our own fully turnkey projects. 


To maximize commercial project investments, we also offer these services independently for mid to large size projects done by others.   For instance, we have managed acceptance testing projects for some of the the largest solar finance companies in the world.  Acceptance testing up and down the east coast is common for our teams. We have traveled as far as Puerto Rico for this type of work.

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